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Machinery Force Sensing
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SeriesI-ButtonLoad Cell Product ImageTechnologyDescriptionApproval EEx ATEXApproval EEx FMApproval NTEPApproval OIMLCapacity, metricCapacity (lbs)Application Designation
St.St.Single point damped load cell, St.St. washdown enclosure, insensitive to centrifugal forces, designed for rotary filling machines3kg17; 23Rotary liquid filling machines,
Alloy SteelSensor used for safety applications in lifting devicesLifting machines, telescopic loaders
Alloy SteelExtensometer is a load sensor designed for force measurement on any load-bearing structureTank weighing or levels systems, agricultural equipment, rolling mill sensing, moment sensing, structural loading measurements, bridge structures
Nickel plated steelS-TypeClass I, II, III Division 1Class IIIL 10,000M50kg - 10t50 - 20Ksuspended hoppers, force measurement, overhead track scales
Loading Pin25-150 kNAgriculture equipment, Force measurement devices, Off-road vehicles
Loading Pin45kNAgriculture equipment, Force measurement devices
Alloy SteelSingle Ended Bending Beam6150kgfeed and stationary mixers, manure spreaders, harvest trailer, bins, tanks and grain carts, TMR mixers and feedlot spreaders
AluminumS-Type load cell.EEx ia IIC T4C350kg - 500kgLever conversions, hanging scales, force measurement and industrial applications.
Alloy Steel, St. St.S-Type load cell.EEx ia IIC T450kg - 1000kgLever conversions, hanging scales, force measurement and industrial applications.
St. St.S-TypeEEx ib IIC T6, EEx ib IIC T4Class I, II, III Division 1Class IIIL 10,000MC350kg - 5t100 - 10Ksuspended hoppers, force measurement, overhead track scales
St. StSmall accurate stainless steel sensor with wide-ranging application possibilitiesAgricultural equipment, rolling mill sensing, stamping press control, lift trucks, intrusion alarms, tank weighing systems, moment sensing
Load moment indicator insures that the operator of telescopic loaders or other types of lifting equipment are continuous informed on the momentary machine load momentLifting machines, telescopic loaders
nickel-platedMiniature double-Ended Beam10, 20, 25, 30, 40 ttruck/roll scales, silo/hopper/tank weighing, weighbridges
Alloy Steel (some capacities Aluminum)Compression Disc0.1-200ttesting machines, hopper/tank/vessel weighing, force sensing