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Used in laboratory and transducer applications where low creep is desired.
Similar to GA-61 but serviceable to higher temperatures.
Two part, heat curing epoxy adhesive yielding thin glue lines in convenient bi-pak packaging.
For bonding free-filament strain gages on low-TCE materials.Gages,Sages
For bonding free-filament strain gages on metals.Gages,Sages
Most widely used general-purpose adhesive. Easiest to handle. Fast room-temperature curing.Aluminum,Steel, Glass,PCB
Used only when low-temperature cures are necessary.
Normally used in transducer gaging. Highly resistant to moisture and chemical attack. Elevated-temperature curing. Hard coating with excellent chemical, electrical and mechanical resistance. 
Strain Gage Adhesive for Stress Analysis and Transducer Applications
Similar to 610, but faster curing. Can be cured at lower temperature than 610.
Strain Gage Adhesive for Stress Analysis and Transducer Applications
Adhesive for use in high elongation applications
General-purpose adhesive that is highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Room-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coatingPlastic Bundle
Similar to AE-10. Recommended for more critical applications, including transducer gaging. Elevated-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coating
Adhesive primarily used on very rough or irregular surfaces. Cures at room temperature.Concrete
A 100% solids adhesive used to fill irregular surfaces and anchor leadwires. Elevated temperature cure required. Good chemical and mechanical protection at elevated temperatures.
Excellent for long term, high temperature use.
For bonding free-filament strain gages on metals.
Strain gage adhesive
For lab and field applications with post-yield, high-elongation strain gages.
For bonding free element gages on metals.Gages,Sages