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General-purpose coating in laboratory and field. Elevated-temperture use.
Thicker than 3140 RTV. Good cable anchor.
Butyl rubber patch. No curing required.
Pre-softened wax with paste consistency. Similar to W1.
Moisture protection for ceramic cement installations.
Two component polysulfide. Good mechanical protection and chemical resistance.
Fast drying acrylic of used for leadwire anchoring in transducers.
Protective CoatingPlastic Bundle
General-purpose adhesive that is highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Room-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coatingPlastic Bundle
Similar to AE-10. Recommended for more critical applications, including transducer gaging. Elevated-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coating
A 100% solids adhesive used to fill irregular surfaces and anchor leadwires. Elevated temperature cure required. Good chemical and mechanical protection at elevated temperatures.
General-purpose laboratory coating.Aluminum,Steel,PCB
Secondary coating as vapor barrier.
Low reinforcement coating. Elevated temperature use.
General-pupose laboratory moisture barrier. Intrabridge wiring anchor and insulation.
Field applications where conditions are not ideal. No curing required.
Low reinforcement coating for commercial transducers.
Protective Coating
Best water barrier, but poor mechanical protection.