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All Micro-Measurements Press Releases:
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2018-11-12Micro-Measurements® Introduces Moisture-Resistant Protective Coating for Maximum Strain Gage Sensor Stability
2018-10-11Micro-Measurements® Introduces W2A Series Supporting Water-Exposure Applications
2018-09-27Micro-Measurements® Introduces Miniature Strain Gage Sensor Supporting the Growing Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics, Smart Manufacturing, and Wearables Markets
2017-11-15Micro-Measurements® Introduces StrainSmart® 9000 Data Acquisition Software
2017-09-08Micro-Measurements Introduces Miniature, Lightweight Hybrid Sensors for Force, Displacement, Pressure, Strain and Acceleration Measurements
2017-08-29Micro-Measurements Announces Global Market Introduction of Miniature Planar Rosette Strain Gage Pattern for PCB Testing
2017-05-30Micro-Measurements Announces Successful Integration of Advanced Sensors Technology into Strain Gage Products for Industry Best-in-Class Design and Performance Characteristics
2017-05-30Micro-Measurements Introduces Transducer Class Multi-Grid Strain Sensors for Multi-Axis Force, Axial and Torsional Load Measurements
2017-05-10Micro-Measurements Introduces Worldwide Quick-Turn Program
2017-03-27Micro-Measurements® Announces Global Market Introduction of Free-Filament Wire Strain Gages and Ceramic Cements for Extreme High-Temperature Environments
2017-03-15Micro-Measurements® Introduces Pre-attached Teflon Leadwire Option for High-Temperature Experimental Stress Analysis to +400°F (+204°C)
2016-10-24VPG Introduces Micro-Measurements® Instruments Rent-to-Own Program
2016-08-02Micro-Measurements® Releases New CEA-Series Strain Gages
2016-08-02Micro-Measurements® Releases New CEA-Series Strain Gages
2016-05-31New Micro-Measurements® StudentDAQ Version Adds 350 Ω and 1 kΩ Quarter-Bridge Inputs for More Precise Measurement
2016-05-03Micro-Measurements® Bondable Resistors for Transducers Now Built on Advanced Sensors Technology, Feature High-Purity Nickel
2016-04-21Micro-Measurements® Doubles Super Stock Program
2016-04-19Pacific Instruments Announces New Ruggedized Ethernet-Connected Data Acquisition Systems
2016-03-15Micro-Measurements® Introduces StrainBond™ Service
2016-02-24New Micro-Measurements® High-Speed Data Acquisition System Offers Scanning Rates to 50,000 Samples/Second for Dynamic Testing Applications
2016-02-09Micro-Measurements Partners With Elexsys to Meet Demand for Precision Strain Gages in South Africa
2016-01-26Micro-Measurements® Introduces StrainBlog — the Essential Online Resource for Engineers Using Sensors
2016-01-12Micro-Measurements Expands Offering of Full-Bridge Sensors Based on Advanced Sensors Technology
2015-12-07Micro-Measurements® Announces U.S. Training Session Schedule for the First Half of 2016
2015-12-03Micro-Measurements® Announces U.K. Training Session Schedule for 2016
2015-11-17Micro-Measurements® Introduces Sensor Gage With Built-In RTD for Accurate Temperature Measurement
2015-10-27Micro-Measurements' New Generation of Foil Strain Gage Diaphragm Sensors Built on Advanced Sensor Technology Offer High Resistance to 5 kΩ
2015-10-01Micro-Measurements® Compact, USB-Powered DAQ Delivers Simple Set-Up and Ease-of-Use for the Classroom
2015-09-24Micro-Measurements Launches New Strain Gage Bundle for High-Temperature Applications Above +400 °C
2015-09-04Micro-Measurements Brings Back Super Stock Program; Guarantees In-Stock Availability for Precision Strain Gages
2015-07-28Micro-Measurements Strain Gages for Stress Analysis Now Available From Digi-Key
2015-07-07Micro-Measurements Introduces New Small-Scale Strain Gages Designed Specifically for PCB Reliability Testing
2015-06-18Micro-Measurements Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder Now Available From Digi-Key
2015-04-20Micro-Measurements Launches Next Generation Strain Gages Built on Advanced Sensors Technology
2015-02-12VPG gibt den Seminarplan 2015 von Micro-Measurements für Deutschland bekannt
2015-02-12VPG Announces Micro-Measurements’ UK Training Session Schedule for 2015
2015-02-12VPG Announces Micro-Measurements' U.S. Training Session Schedule for the First Half of 2015
2014-04-07VPG's Micro-Measurements and VPG Transducers at SENSOR + TEST 2014
2013-07-30VPG’s Bulk Metal® Z1-Foil Resistors and Miniature Strain Gages Chosen for Electronic Design’s “Top 101 Components”
2013-01-24VPG’s Series of Miniature Strain Gages Named as Design News Golden Mousetrap Awards Finalist in “Automation and Control” Category
2012-12-10VPG’s System 8000 StrainSmart® Data Acquisition System Features Eight Channels With RJ-45 Connectors; Supports Strain Gage, Strain-Gage-Based Transducer, Thermocouple, and High-Level Voltage Sensor Inputs
2012-05-02Vishay Precision Group Launches New High-Resistance Miniature Foil Strain Gages
2011-08-26VPG Announces New WK-Series Strain Gage Training Video on Micro-Measurements Website
2011-05-16VPG Announces Three New Strain Gage Training Videos on Micro-Measurements Website
2011-03-18VPG's Portable, USB-Powered D4 Data Acquisition Conditioner Features Four Input Channels With RJ-45 Connectors, Support for Quarter-, Half-, and Full-Bridge Configurations, and Built-In Precision Bridge Completion