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Advanced Sensors Strain Gages

Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors strain gages (strain gauges) offer a tighter resistance tolerance, improved gage-to-gage repeatability, and better stability than standard strain gages, while their advanced fabrication process helps to significantly reduce lead times.

As the foundation of consistently reliable and precise transducers, Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors strain gages (strain gauges) are built on a new manufacturing process using state-of-the-art equipment and tooling. This results in tighter-tolerance products with shorter manufacturing lead times as compared to conventional manufacturing techniques. Customers who have tested these new gages in their transducer products have reported more repeatable test data when compared to previous generation conventional gage types.
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Includes S5038, S5039, S5096, S5101, S5045, S5129, S5152
Includes: LT02, LT10
Includes: S5100, S5127, S5081, S5070, S5092, S5119
Includes: S5136, S5130, S5064, S5135, S5095, S5103, S5035, S5036, S5113, S5116, S5089, S5040, S5147
Includes S5107, S5056, S5067, S5020, S5062, S5047, S5023, S5046, S5139
Includes Patterns:  S5024, S5120, S5044, S5030, S5054, S5029, S5032
Includes S5065, S5021, S5066, S5022, S5026, S5025, S5071, S5050
Includes S5033, S5102, S5034, S5061, S5125
Includes: S5077, S5063, S5091, S5114, S5126, S5105, S5122, S5109, S5037, S5094, S5128, S5150, S5117