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A Breakthrough in Overload Monitoring

Load Your Trucks to the Legal Limits

Benefit from load monitoring, fleet tracking and payload optimization with SI Onboard's new overload protection system. LoadPro is specifically designed for larger capacity vehicles up to 66 tons, with mechanical and/or air spring suspension.

Offering vehicle weight indication as standard for individual axles and vehicle gross, this overload protection system incorporates patented technology. Utilization of state of the art solid state sensors ensures maximum durability in harsh environments and since there are no moving parts it is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration. For continuous monitoring of load conditions, it can also be linked to third party tracking software and is compatible with all options offered.

  • Economically priced system to maximize your loads to the legal limit
  • Accuracy within ± 2.5% at 90-110% of legal load
  • Solid-state sensors deliver stable calibration and high reliability
  • Suitable for all types of suspensions
  • Easy installation on new or existing vehicles, without welding
To get more detailed information for your specific vehicles, please call at: 301-722-6000