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BinWeigh 03

Approved for Dynamic Weighing to
Class Y(b) on Wheelie Bin Collection Vehicles

Dynamic bin weighing with live over-air data transfer

Today's waste and recycling industry operators demand solutions that help manage risk and address their requirements for precision, and performance as much as offering modern real time data services to protect from abuse and optimize ROI.

The BinWeigh 03 system excels competition with proven best-in class hardware from VPG Onboard Weighing, market leader for legal-for-trade on-board weighing applications since more than three decades, and modern cloud services driven by Technexo Software.

An upgrade option for existing BinWeigh 02 systems allows to lift already fitted systems fast and cost efficient into next century.

BinWeigh 03 - Product Sheet

To check your vehicle's suitability and learn more about the system capabilities call:

EU: +44 (0) 1274 771177
4.3" LCD Lifter Status Box Examples of credit control and weighing messages displayed on rear status boxes during a bin lift


  • Dynamic Weighing
    While lifting the bin to be emptied, the BinWeigh 03 system efficiently and accurately weights the bin contents. By combining bin content weighing with bin collection, the need to weigh bin content separately is eliminated, resulting in a more streamlined, cost efficient process.
  • Real-Time 4G Wireless Data Transfer
    Waste vehicle lifters equipped with the BinWeigh 03 system are continuously connected to the GSM network at fastest speed available, enabling seamless operation.
  • Proactive hardware failure alerting
    BinWeigh 03 industry exclusive feature, setting new standards in minimizing downtime. The system is constantly monitoring hardware condition of each component. In case of failure Email alerts are issued to specified individuals.
  • Real-time credit control
    Constant update of full authorization list of all wheelie bin containers belonging to the collection company and its current status. When a domestic or commercial customer pays their wheelie bin collection service provider, their bins can be emptied in the next few minutes.
  • In-Cab Indicator with 7" Touchscreen
    A large 7" touchscreen displays important information about the current condition of the BinWeigh 03 system, the bin currently being lifted, the RFID number, the weight of the bin, the working status of each lifter and the credit control status, i.e., suspended bin.
  • Configurable for Split Body Vehicles
    The BinWeigh 03 system can be configured for split body vehicles, with the ability to prevent incorrect product from being emptied into the wrong compartment.

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic weighing of wheelie bins
  • RFID bin identification (125 or 134.2 kHz)
  • Real-time 4G wireless data transfer
  • Multi-language 7" LCD in-cab indicator
  • Multi-language 4.3" LCD rear status boxes
  • Encrypted CAN bus
  • Encrypted 4G wireless communication
  • Geo coordinates of bins collected
  • Cloud portal business suite
  • Auto stop of unauthorized bins
  • Split vehicle product enforcement
  • Real-time credit control
  • Proactive hardware failure alert system via email
  • Cloud server data backup
  • USB pen drive data backup

Upgrade option:

It is possible to upgrade from your current BinWeigh 02 System